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Multiplying our Efforts

Our areas of expertise.

Areas of expertise

Mathematical Modeling

Transforming your real-world problem into mathematical equations and relationships.

Algorithm Development

Creating exact and heuristic prototype code to solve your problem.

Machine Learning

Developing software that can learn optimal decisions in an uncertain environment.

Modeling & Simulation

In-depth trade-study analysis and designs of experiments to understand performance capabilities and limits.

System Engineering

Designing the individual components, and interaction of components, in complex systems over their lifecycle.

Software Engineering

The systematic approach to the development, implementation, and ongoing maintenance software.

Data Analytics

Analysis of data to extract meaning and make informed decisions.

Data & Information Fusion

Combining multiple pieces of data to provide a more robust understanding of an object, location, event, or environment.

Organizational Efficiency

Determining approaches a company can employ to be more effective using the same (or less) resources, as well as approaches in which a company can use less resources while still achieving the same level of results.

Organizational Effectiveness

Defining the right strategic (long-term) and tactical (short-term) goals for a company to achieve, and defining the steps and/or processes to achieve these goals.