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Giving back and paying it forward

Sometimes the first problem promising mathematics students have to solve is how to pay for college. That’s why ISEA TEK president Dr. Michael Hirsch and owner Mrs. Jackie Hirsch endowed a scholarship to the West Chester University Department of Mathematics. The Grosshans-Hirsch Applied Mathematics Scholarship was created in honor of Dr. Frank Grosshans, professor emeritus at West Chester University.

Dr. Grosshans and Dr. Hirsch chatting before the West Chester University Mathematics awards banquet in 2016.

Dr. and Mrs. Hirsch at the 2016 Awards Banquet.

Dr. Grosshans had a big influence on Dr. Hirsch during, and after, his time at West Chester University.  The endowment and scholarship is dedicated to Dr. Grosshans as a testament that one person can make a difference in another’s life.

The goal of ISEA TEK and the Hirsch family is to grow the endowment so that it can impact the lives of more exceptional students of the mathematical science, and let them know that people believe in them. “That extra spark is what can help keep the fire going, to have the desire to move forward and make an impact.”

One of the nice things about the endowment is that anyone can donate and help make an impact. By clicking on the link below, you will be redirected to the West Chester University Foundation page dedicated to the Grosshans-Hirsch Applied Mathematics Endowment.

2023Matthew Feder
2022Nathaniel Jones
2021Julia Zelinsky
2020Shauna Frank
2019Henry J. Brown
2018Jeremiah A. Budgeon
2017Stacy Porten-Willson
2016Jeremy Way